Osteria 222 is a true "from scatch" kitchen where our team prepares each item for service on premise from recipes both old and new. We make every stock, sauce, soup, dressing and also produce our own cheeses and sausage for the freshest and highest quality dishes. We feature hand rolled pasta from 100% semolina made to order to ensure a taste unlike any other for use in all of our signature sauces and preparations. Our pizze are made using only the finest flour from Naples and imported tomatoes from San Maranzano's rich volcanic soil. We respect the integrity of every item we search out and use it to showcase each ones unique character and taste. We work diligently every day to prepare each ingredient as fresh as possible and make every effort to ensure quality.

We are proud to source as much local produce and ingredients as possible for use in our kitchen and are always looking for new ways to introduce them to our guests. We feature grass fed certified organic beef, certified organic chicken, organically pastured pork, naturally raised and processed lamb and natural Long Island duck, all raised without the use of any antibiotics, growth hormones or additives. Our seafood features are also sourced from fisheries and vendors commited to responsible and sustainable methods of fishing. Our philosophy for all of our ingredients and dishes is fresh, simple products treated and prepared to let each one shine on it's own as well as part of each plate composition we present to our guest